ACC's lunchtime links: VT hit hard by attrition

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer has never entered a game with such inexperience at his skill positions, as attrition has hit the Hokies the hard. And recruiting coordinator Jim Cavanaugh didn't want to talk about it. The numbers speak for him:

Of the 61 players who signed with Tech from 2004-06, 30 either never came to Tech, left with eligibility remaining or currently are suspended.

Unlike the Hokies, Maryland is sure who will be lining up at quarterback tonight, and Chris Turner plays his best against the best.

Nobody ever questioned Florida State receiver Greg Carr's ability to out-jump his opponents. At 6-foot-6, he's got a bit of an edge. It was the rest of his game that needed a little work, and he's done it.

Georgia Tech's players have something with Paul Johnson they apparently didn't with his predecessor, Chan Gailey -- lofty goals and direction.

Clemson is one of many FBS schools out of touch with reality when it comes to spending money, writes Ken Burger. Will Dabo Swinney be the recipient of the next big contract? He thought he could do the job. Now he says he knows he can.