Friday mailblog


Step into my office, it's casual Friday ...

Jim from Newark writes: HD, in your most recent video, did I notice a Washington State thing on your wall?

HD: Nope. The only thing on my walls are photos of Bill Mazeroski, Forbes Field, the Immaculate Reception and Roberto Clemente.

Justin in Chapel Hill writes: With all of the expansion talk across the big conferences, do you believe any ACC teams would leave, say Clemson to the SEC?

HD: If I had to pick one to go, I'd predict Clemson to be at the top of the list. But that's pure speculation. Let's face it, though. Clemson pretty much already is an SEC team.

Michael in Ft. Myers, Fla., writes: Speaking of what to do with the Hokies talented duo.... What will Miami do with their stable of backs? They are going to have eight running backs on scholarship when the season starts. Not including Graig Cooper, if he can recover in time for the season. What will Miami do with all of these guys? Who in your opinion should get to start? And if Cooper comes back would he be higher in the depth chart than Damien Berry?

HD: With Cooper and Lee Chambers both injured and out this spring, I think Berry is the player to start with, since he led the team a year ago in rushing touchdowns with eight. Based on what he did last year, Berry seems on the brink of a breakout season. It sounds like the staff is also excited about Lamar Miller, who redshirted last year. The last question is tough because not only don't we know IF Cooper will play in 2010, we don't know how well Berry or another back will have played to that point.

Joshthenole in Tallanasty, Fla., writes: I read your article titled FSU-Why the Hype? and apparently so did Jacobbi McDaniel (FSU DT). His Facebook status was:"Jacobbi Mcdaniel: Why the hype for fsu football?? Because we bustin our a** to reach that full potential, and thats scary for other teams..."Ohhh, be scared Sooner fans... The new Tomahawk Nation is coming to Norman.

HD: You're right, he did. As for the road trip to Oklahoma? I like the Noles in that one so far. They definitely seem to have the edge offensively. The Sooners lose Sam Bradford, All-America defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, tight end Jermaine Gresham and two key offensive linemen.

Dave in Winter Haven, Fla., writes: It's quite possible that ACC Football may have more teams in the top 25 than ACC Basketball.

HD: Bizarro world, eh? As of right now, there are two hoops teams ranked: Duke and Wake Forest. The ACC will easily pass that in football (without the help of, ahem, Duke and Wake Forest).

Rich in Miami writes: Heather, obviously us GT fans agree that you have Nesbitt in the top 3 preseason QBs. Can you remind the Nesbitt haters that he was a consensus All -ACC 1st Team QB by that independent sports writers association? Some wannabe gurus think you need to throw the ball 30+ times to be considered a QB, which is ridiculous considering our QB only lost one ACC game last year by carrying the team on his shoulders several times. Thanks!

HD: GT fans agreeing with me? It IS bizarro world ... Nesbitt was a huge reason the Jackets were as successful as they were last year. He had over 1,000 yards rushing AND 1,000 yards passing. No other QB in the ACC could say the same. And he passed Clemson’s Woodrow Dantzler for the second-most single-season rushing yards by an ACC quarterback. I'd say that qualifies him as one of the best in the conference. That being said, he's not going to win the Heisman Trophy because he doesn't throw it enough. Not saying it's fair, it's just how it is.