UNC's gameplan for Dwyer simple

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Don't mess with North Carolina defensive tackle Marvin Austin. His game plan to stop Georgia Tech B-back Jonathan Dwyer is quite simple: "Punish him. Keep hittin' him."

Dwyer's pulse didn't seem to change when told this. After all, he's used to it.

"That's what everybody does each and every week," said Dwyer, who is averaging almost 100 rushing yards per game. "They try to stop the first option in the triple option. It's nothing I'm not used to.

"They have a great front four, but our defense has a great front four as well," he said. "It's just like going against our defense, so it's nothing I'm not used to, nothing our team isn't used to. We've got a lot of weapons here in this offense. I may be the key to them, but they have to worry about everybody else, not just me."

Austin and linebacker Mark Paschal will both be focused on stopping Dwyer. UNC's offense has held each of its past three opponents under 100 rushing yards, but they haven't faced an offense like Paul Johnson's.

"Whenever you have a talented running back like him, they put him in a lot of positions and he's been able to succeed in a lot of those different areas in the triple option," Paschal said. "You just have to account for him on every play, on every snap you have to figure out where he's lined up and make sure you play your responsibilities."