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Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Tuesday mailblog

By Heather Dinich

Ah, how quick we are to fire coaches in the ACC ...

Johnny in Rock Hill, S.C., writes: If the canes lose to Duke and USF, do you think there is any way that Randy Shannon could be fired? I mean the canes are a dropped pass (FSU) and an injured Riley Skinner (Wake) from being 5-5.

HD: I don't think so, Johnny. Miami AD Kirby Hocutt has had nothing but good things to say about Shannon so far. He made a good hire in Mark Whipple, they're going to a bowl game again, they're recruiting well. National champions aren't built overnight.

Wreckful Lance in Marietta, Ga., writes: Heather, Thanks for everything you do for us ACC fans. We've seen Georgia Tech's offense on a roll as this season goes on. After having a semi-cold start at the beginning of the season, does this week's BYE negatively impact Tech's current offensive groove, or does the BYE provide Tech with needed rest to play their best against UGA?-Lance

HD: Thanks for reading, Lance. Georgia Tech's offense isn't going to regress, but looking ahead to the ACCCG could be a concern. They've wrapped up the Coastal Division, they have time to celebrate it ... I would think focus would be more of a concern than execution, though they're obviously tied together.

Joe in Mt. Dora, Fla., writes: Heather, Keep up the good work with the blog. If FSU plays like they did last week against MD this week and they win, do they have a shot at beating UF the following week.

HD: No doubt FSU looked like a better team against Wake Forest, but there is still a significant gap between the Noles and Florida. Plus, you can't read too much into a win over Maryland, with how poorly the Terps are playing these days. And Florida State is banged up. I don't see an upset happening in the Swamp.

Steve in Arlington, Va., writes: Heather- loved the Spiller Heisman analysis. Just thought I'd mention that you overlooked a possiblity for Clemson to get 10 wins, that in my mind is a more likely scenario than the ones you presented - wins against UVA and SC, loss in ACCCG, but win in a bowl game other than the Orange.

HD: Yeah, good call, Steve. I've got a knack for complicating things. I'm just not convinced in that win at South Carolina. It's a road game, it's a rivalry, they could be looking ahead ... we'll see.

Jon in Baltimore, Md., writes: With his next two wins this season, Paul Johnson will pass Tim Osborne as the most winningest coach in his first 13 seasons. How bout them apples?

HD: Sounds like it's time for Dan Radakovich to write another fat check to keep him ...

Justin in Atlanta writes: Heather - you have repeatedly stated that you feel GT would be upset by Clemson if they had a rematch in the ACC Title Game, yet Tuesday morning you did a blog entry about GT being able to defeat at least two, and possibly three, of the undefeated teams ranked ahead of them. If this is the case, do you think a three-loss Clemson team would be as well equipped as one-loss Jackets team to take down Cincinnatti and Boise State, as well as match up so evenly with TCU?

HD: Well, we already saw Clemson lose to TCU, but if they played again, I'd pick the Tigers to win. That was a four-point game, and Clemson has since improved in the red zone (they were stopped inside the 20 twice in that game.) As for Cincy and Boise, I think Clemson would play them very close and is capable of beating both teams. Let's wait until they beat Virginia, though. Georgia Tech has already proven to be one of the best in the ACC.

Jordan in Richmond, Va., writes: As the season gets closer to wrapping up, there has been more and more buzz about Bud Foster, and the possibility of him leaving. Do you think Beamer is hoping for him to get some experience and then come back to take his place? I just can't picture VT football without Bud Foster. He means just as much to the program as Beamer himself. Any inside info and opinions would be appreciated.Thank you,Jordan

HD: I honestly haven't had the chance to talk to Bud about this yet, so I don't know what he's thinking. I do know he deserves a head coaching job at an FBS school and will take it if it's the right situation. That being said, I think he'd be the perfect fit to take over at Virginia Tech when Beamer retires, and that might not be too far away. The question is whether or not he has the patience to stick around to find out, or whether another better offer comes around first.

Travis in Athens, Ga., writes: where are my acc lunchtime links? sick, in a meeting?

HD: Man, you guys don't miss a beat, do you? I had two phone interviews that happened over lunch today and set me back a bit.

I'll get back to the mailbag again on Friday as usual.