ACC: Andrew Parker

ACC injury reports: Week 8

October, 21, 2011

WR Ifeanyi Momah (knee)
DB CJ Jones (knee)
DT Connor Wujciak (shoulder)
TB Montel Harris (knee)
DL Kaleb Ramsey (foot)
RB Tahj Kimble (head)
DT Dillon Quinn (shoulder)

OG Nate Richman (back)


Joe Gore, DE, Knee
Spencer Benton, PK, shoulder
Tony Steward, LB, Knee


WR Brandon Braxton (head)
S August Campbell (leg)

C Dave Harding (leg)
C Brian Moore (arm)
WR Donovan Varner (leg)
CB Johnny Williams (leg)

S Lee Butler (leg)
QB Brandon Connette (upper body)

Out for season
TE Jack Farrell (leg)
DE Kenny Anunike (leg)


OT Andrew Datko (shoulder)
OG David Spurlock (knee)
OG Henry Orelus (head)
WR Willie Haulstead (head)
WR Josh Gehres (knee)
DT Darious Cummings (hand)
DT Moses McCray (knee)

WR Rashad Greene (ankle)

Out for season
DT Jacobbi McDaniel (ankle)
RB Chris Thompson (back)


Jeremiah Attaochu, LB


Tyler Morgan, LS

Out for the season

Fred Holton, S
Jimmie Kitchen, DL
Lance Richardson, S


Out for the season
WR Tyrek Cheeseboro
OL Andrew Gonnella
DB Avery Graham
LB Garrett Lederman
DB Matt Robinson
DL Isaiah Ross
TE Dave Stinebaugh

DL Justin Anderson
WR Kevin Dorsey
OL Justin Gilbert
LB Shaquan Virgil

LB Demetrius Hartsfield
LB Kenny Tate

DL Andre Monroe

OL Pete White


Luther Robinson - Lower Extremity
Shayon Green - Lower Extremity
Curtis Porter - Upper Extremity
Rashawn Scott - Upper Extremity

Surgery/Out for the season
Marcus Forston - Lower Extremity
Ramon Buchanan - Lower Extremity
Cory White - Lower Extremity
Erik Lichter - Upper Extremity
Blake Ayles - Upper Extremity


Casey Barth, PK Thigh
Curtis Byrd, FB Knee
Kiaro Holts, OT Wrist
Devon Ramsay, FB Knee

T.J. Leifheit, OT Ankle

Giovani Bernard, TB Hip
A.J. Blue, TB Ankle
Erik Highsmith, WR Ankle
Cam Holland, C Back
Jonathan Smith, S Ankle


Out for the season
Jarvis Byrd, CB - knee
Mustafa Greene, HB - foot
Sterling Lucas, LB - knee

Taylor Gentry, FB - foot
Jake Kahut, DE - knee
Jeff Rieskamp, DE - shoulder
Thomas Teal, DT - foot
Curtis Underwood, HB - foot

D.J. Green, LB - abdomen
J.R. Sweezy, DT - foot


Pablo Alvarez (upper extremity)
Diamonte Bailey (lower extremity)
Darius Lee (upper extremity)
Charlie Richards (upper extremity)
E.J. Scott (medical)
Bobby Smith (lower extremity)
Tyler Smith (lower extremity)
Matt Snyder (lower extremity)
Joseph Williams (lower extremity)

Tim Cwalina (lower extremity)
Michael Terrell (lower extremity)

Brian Oden (lower extremity)

Luke Bowanko (lower extremity)
Henry Coley (lower extremity)
Cam Johnson (lower extremity)
Jake McGee (lower extremity)
Clifton Richardson (lower extremity)
Michael Rocco (trunk)


Out for the Season
Kwamaine Battle (knee)
Jeron Gouveia-Winslow (foot)
Antoine Hopkins (knee)
Dyrell Roberts (arm)
E.L. Smiling (wrist)

Eric Martin (shoulder)
Mark Shuman (knee/ankle)
David Wang (foot)

Jayron Hosley (hamstring)


RB Josh Harris (leg)
TE Andrew Parker (ankle)
DT Tristan Dorty (ankle)
C Garrick Williams (ankle)
NT Duke Mosby (illness)

NT Ramon Booi (knee)
DT John Gallagher (back)

Out for the season
OT Dylan Heartsil (back)
CB Dominique Tate (knee)
LB Kyle Jarrett (hip)

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Wake/Baylor pregame notes

September, 5, 2009

Posted by's Heather Dinich

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- A few quick lineup changes for you:

Baylor: Backup strong safety Bryan Landor is out with an MCL strain. He'll be replaced by No. 23, Anthony Moore.

Wake Forest: Andrew Parker is listed as the starting tight end, but Cameron Ford might get the nod. Wake's position coaches determine their starting lineup as opposed to the head coach, and it seems like Steed Lobotzke hinted at that possibility this week. Kevin Harris will start at tailback for the Deacs over Josh Adams and Brandon Pendergrass. Plenty of options there.

Much has been made of Wake's defensive questions, but they're likely to have the edge up front today. Baylor has two new offensive tackles, and they'll be challenged by one of the better defensive lines in the ACC.

Both teams are on the field warming up, and Baylor should keep cool in its all white. It's a hot day to be wearing black jerseys, but Wake is a team coached by a man who wears a sweatshirt to every practice in August. Jim Grobe says if his players are going to sweat, he will, too.

Wake's offensive success against Duke deceiving

November, 7, 2008

Posted by's Heather Dinich

One look at Wake Forest's numbers from the Demon Deacons' 33-30 overtime win against Duke might reveal some progress in the offense. A second look might not.

Just ask offensive coordinator Steed Lobotzke.

"We weren't that good," he said. "The numbers were a little higher, but we from our perspective, still feel like we're struggling on offense."

Wake Forest scored more points against Duke than it had during the entire month of October. Last month, the Deacs were 1-2 and scored just 22 points. The difference last week, though, was good field position, four turnovers from the Blue Devils, and another game-winning performance from its defense. Wake Forest is still looking for an offensive identity heading into Saturday's homecoming game against Virginia, as the Deacs rank 101st in the FBS in total offense. In order to find it, though, they first have to find some playmakers.

"We're still waiting to see what names are emerging this year," Lobotzke said. "We're eight games in now. D.J. Boldin has emerged as a playmaker for us, but everyone else is really quiet, real quiet on offense."

It's not the first time. Wake Forest, much like Virginia Tech, is a team that knows how to win games with defense and special teams. When Wake Forest won the 2006 ACC championship, it had the worst passing offense in the league. But it had a better offensive line and a better running game. The staff didn't have to ask quarterback Riley Skinner to do too much, and that's the way they like it. But now they're struggling to establish the run, and that starts up front.

Wake Forest had five junior slated to start on the offensive line this year, but one was declared academically ineligible, and two were injured. Lobotzke, who is also the offensive line coach, has had to play a redshirt freshman at right tackle (Doug Weaver), a redshirt sophomore who made his second career start at center against Duke (Russell Nenon), and a true freshman at left guard (Joe Looney).

"They're doing their best and I'm coaching them as hard as I can," Lobotzke said, "but we like to play with old guys."

The Deacs have also been using true freshman Andrew Parker at tight end because starter Ben Wooster is still not back from his hamstring injury. And the most obvious face missing from the starting lineup has been injured placekicker Sam Swank, the school's all-time leading scorer.

In addition to finding playmakers this season, the Deacs have also been trying to adjust their playbook to their personnel. Wake ran the ball 52 times against Miami and threw it just eight.

A week later, they 43 times and attempted 31 passes.

"We're just trying to figure out who we are offensively, whether we're an I team, or we're a spread team or we're both," Lobotzke said. "That's the battle we're having right now."

Skinner said he is comfortable with a mix of both.

"I think coach Lobo has been putting together some good game plans and mixing it up and incorporating every aspect of what we've done the last couple of years and finding a way to incorporate it into one game plan," Skinner said. "We think that will make it tough on the defense and keep them on their heels. Not to say we're satisfied with where the offense is right now, we've still got to be more explosive and make those big plays we've been missing the last couple of games, but we're moving in the right direction. We've got to have all 11 guys on the field doing the right thing in order for it to work."

Two Wake freshmen could be a first under Grobe

October, 24, 2008

Posted by's Heather Dinich

If Wake Forest true freshman Joe Looney starts at left guard and Andrew Parker at tight end on Saturday against Miami, it will be the first time two true freshmen have started a game during coach Jim Grobe's tenure at Wake Forest.

Of course, Wake has to start the game with a formation that includes the tight end in order for that to happen, but if it does, it will be the first time since 2000, the year before Grobe and his staff arrived in Winston-Salem.

The Deacs had to replace injured center Trey Bailey (ankle) with Russell Nenon, and tight end Ben Wooster isn't making the trip because of an injured hamstring.

True freshmen to play at Wake?

August, 14, 2008

Posted by's Heather Dinich

Jim Grobe has earned a reputation for his redshirting philosophy, and it is paying dividends this season for his defense, but as Wake Forest has won, so have the coaches on the recruiting trail.

There's a possibility as many as four true freshmen could play this season.

Offensive guard Joe Looney, tight end Andrew Parker, corner Kenny Okoro and wide receiver Terence Davis, are all candidates for playing time.

What does this mean?

They're legit.

Grobe will not play a freshman unless his coaches guarantee him the kid is going to get 20-30 snaps a game, and contribute beyond special teams.

If more than two of these guys actually see the field, it would be the most true freshmen to ever play under Grobe.



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