Tuesday Mailblog

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Rich in Baltimore writes: Heather, I was at the PSU vs. OSU game, and unable to watch GT vs BC. I watched SportsCenter + College Football final hoping to catch highlights, but there were none. Is there anywhere on the ESPN network where I can see highlights of this game? Thanks! Rich

Heather Dinich: The best show to catch everything is College Football Overdrive, from 3-8 p.m. on ESPNews. Also check out ESPNU after the games are over for even more highlights. And of course, if all else fails, check the blog.

Aaron in Blacksburg writes: So ECU crushed WVU and Va Tech lost in the last few minutes to ECU. We drop out of the rankings entirely and WVU drops to 24. Granted WVU was ranked higher and ECU got some cred for beating Tech, but I think we are also beginning to see preference for conference in rating as well. Do you have any insight on why West Virginia can get crushed by ECU and not really drop too far? ps. I think that even if Va Tech beats GT this weekend we may still be out of the rankings.

Heather Dinich: If you think the Big East is getting much more credit than the ACC these days, think again. South Florida is the Wake Forest of the ACC. West Virginia is still in the rankings because it still has more playmakers on its roster than Virginia Tech. That said, the way ECU has played should soften the blow on the Hokies. P.S.: I think you're right.

Chris in Atlanta writes: With expectations growing for the Jackets, how worried should I be about our kicking game (20% FG, 1 missed EP). Is this going to wreck our chances in close games and keep us from going to Tampa?

Heather Dinich: Um, yeah, after the Jax State game, Paul Johnson called it "horrendous." When asked Sunday if he would make any changes to the kicking game, Johnson deadpanned, "There's really not anybody to pick up off of waivers."

Blake Bagnell writes: Who do you believe is better for the Hokies, Sean Glennon or Tyrod Taylor? Glennon can get it done but Taylor gets it done faster I believe.

Heather Dinich: I think you answered your own question.

Kyle in Tallahassee writes: After Saturday's performance FSU is looking like them old selves again. Blowing out teams that they should instead of winning 31-14 like past seasons. Do you see this new team making it to the ACC Championship.

Heather Dinich: Ask me after the Wake Forest game.

Joe writes: Heather, why do you hate UVa so much? It seems as though you take shots at them at every chance. You even called them lucky to win last year. That was the sign of being a well-coached team. Meanwhile, you rank Maryland ahead of them following a loss that was the worst of the last few years and may get Friedgen fired! Also, this conference ranking stuff runs in cycles. Who is any good in the Big East? Big Ten other than Ohio State? We'll see how good they are this week vs USC. And if they lose badly, make sure to call them out just like everyone did UVA.

Heather Dinich: Did you know Charlottesville is one of my favorite ACC road trips? Yes, I did call them lucky to win last year. Five games by two points or less? WITH Chris Long, Jameel Sewell and Branden Albert? Do UVA fans forget that with all of that NFL talent the Cavaliers lost to Virginia Tech for the Coastal Division? And blew a 14-point lead against Texas Tech in the Gator Bowl? Maryland is ahead of Virginia because it is a notoriously inconsistent team that tends to play down to its competition and UVA got smacked by USC and had just a three-point lead over Richmond for a loonng time. Yes, this conference stuff goes in cycles, and I don't doubt the ACC will rebound, it's just a matter of when.

Drew in Atlanta writes: Thanks for the great writing, you kept me busy through many days at work, and have been a daily read most of the time. My questions resolve around Georgia Tech. Do you think after two strong defensive performances, that with the offense getting better, it has a chance at contenting for an ACC title? BC has one of the better front seven, and GT was still able to run around them due to athleticism. I think with VT coming up, if the Jackets can pass this hurdle, they will go into Clemson 5-0. FSU/ Miami are looking like very winnable games, and with UNC coming up, it is looking like GT could contend. Also, do you think Michael Johnson's draft value has risen or sunk?

Heather Dinich: Thanks for reading, Drew. All good questions, and I'm working on some Georgia Tech/Virginia Tech things that will help answer them, but yes, the Jackets' defense is the strength of this team right now, but there are a lot of questions in the kicking game and still timing and technique that needs improvement on the offense. This team will get better every week, but so will FSU and Miami, who have also looked better than expected. As for Johnson's draft status, I don't think it's changed much. Remember, he's getting double teamed.

Nick in Boston writes: Heather, what do you think about the BC quarterback situation at Boston College. Chris Crane clearly cannot get the job done. Think we might see redshirt freshman Dominique Davis sooner than expected?

Heather Dinich: I think it's a little too early to jump off the Crane Train, and the staff does, too. However, if things are going well in the UCF game on Sept. 20, don't be surprised to see Davis in for a series or two.

GW in Athens, GA, writes: Heather, I think you do a great job covering each team in the ACC. I do not feel that you miss anything for any team. But I do feel that you should go down to Tallahassee and cover the Seminoles a little more. You went to every other team before the season started, but never made it to Tally. As a Seminole Alum, I am looking forward to a better season this year epically after the rout we put on tonight of Western Carolina and a shutout on defense. It reminds me of the Noles defense of the 90's. How long do you think it will take for FSU to make it back into the top 25? Probably after the Wake Forest game in 2 weeks?

Heather Dinich: GW -- Thanks, and I was wondering how long it would take somebody to notice that. I did get to Tally during spring practices, though, and I'm heading there for the Wake game. We'll see what happens, but if they win that one, the Noles would certainly make a good case for the top 25 at 3-0 and a win over a top 20 team.

Somebody from Kalamazoo, MI, writes: Who from the ACC can really challenge teams from other power conferences? Also, since you are big ten alum like myself, who will be the surprise team from the big ten this year?

Heather Dinich: Wake Forest is the lone team that's done anything out of conference, and they still have Vandy -- which is somehow the only undefeated team left in the ACC -- on their schedule, but the Florida State/Florida game should be interesting. As for the Big Ten, I'd go with Penn State. Their QB looks better than some probably expected, but Wisconsin's running game has also been outstanding.