ACC: Cameron Wade

Christian Ponder listed as 'questionable'

November, 12, 2010
Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder returned to practice on Thursday after missing three consecutive days after team doctors inserted a drain to help remove excess fluid from his right elbow related to his ruptured bursa sac.

“He did some,” coach Jimbo Fisher said, according to the team's practice report. “I didn’t want to take a chance, so we limited what he did. What we’re doing right now, he feels very good about. He took some reps and did some things but we limited what he did as far as numbers. I didn’t want the day after to be a bear. I think he’ll feel good. I really do.”

Ponder is listed as questionable on this week's injury report for Saturday's home game against Clemson. Sophomore quarterback E.J. Manuel still took the bulk of the practice reps Thursday. Fisher did say if Manuel was the starter Saturday that redshirt freshman Will Secord will be his backup.

“We haven’t changed a bit [with E.J. in there],” Fisher said. “We’re doing exactly the same thing we’ve been doing. “

Here is FSU's full injury report:

DT Moses McCray (knee)
LB A.J. Land (knee)
DT Cameron Erving (back)

OG Blake Snider (ankle)
C A.J. Ganguzza (back)
LS Chris Revell (wrist)
OG David Spurlock (head)
OG Bryan Stork (illness)
S Jajuan Harley (groin)
WR Jarred Haggins (hamstring)

QB Christian Ponder (elbow)
S Gerald Demps (head)
WR Cameron Wade (illness)

FSU receivers ready for redemption

June, 4, 2009

Posted by's Heather Dinich

It's only June, but Florida State's wide receivers are working with a sense of urgency and purpose not usually detected until August. They're lifting in the mornings, running in the afternoons, and participating in individual seven-on-sevens. They're catching about 100 balls from the JUGS machine every day.

And most importantly, they're trying to stay on their best behavior.

"It seems like the receivers are trying to get into trouble, and it's not like that," said walk-on Louis Givens, who is expected to be a major contributor this fall. "All of us are good guys, but we get caught in the wrong situation at the wrong time."

Rod Owens was suspended earlier this spring for a DUI charge, and Preston Parker was kicked off the team in February for multiple incidents. Richard Goodman, Bert Reed and Cameron Wade are all facing charges for their involvement in an on-campus fight last season. And to top it all off, Corey Surrency was denied an extra year of eligibility by the NCAA.

After making headlines for all the wrong reasons, this group is intent on cleaning up their image -- starting now.

"Our mentality is to set the right impression," said Reed, who added his priorities this offseason start with being accountable to his teammates and coaches. "That's what our main focus is right now. Coach wouldn't have recruited us if we weren't good guys. We're all good guys. We just made mistakes and we were making mistakes at the wrong time -- back to back to back.

"We're making too many mistakes and hurting our team, obviously. It's hurting us at the same time but it's building up so much it's starting to hurt our team. I really feel like it's got to be dealt with. The athletic department is dealing with things, and we're kind of putting them in a bind right now."

Both Reed and Givens insist, though, that the off-field incidents haven't put the Noles in a bind on it. They point to Jarmon Fortson, Avis Commack and freshman Josh Gehres as players who made significant progress this spring. Tight end Caz Piurowski should also have an increased role in the passing game, and it would help dramatically for FSU to get Taiwan Easterling back from a ruptured Achilles.

"I wouldn't say we really lost a step," said Givens. "All these guys who backed up the guys from last year are here now, and they could have played last year and not missed a step. The spring was really strong."

Plus, the Noles have Reed, whose 23 receptions last year leads all returning receivers, and Givens, who caught two passes for 33 yards against Wisconsin in the Champs Sports Bowl.
Reed has bulked up from 166 to 178 and has made the weight room a priority. He said part of the problem last year was that receivers weren't holding their blocks long enough to spring a big play.

"I've been working hard in the weight room," he said. "I want to block, I want to get in somebody's grill. That's been one of my main goals, if not my main goal, is just to put on some more weight, knowing you're going to take a little bit more pounding being in on every play, and playing outside receiver, I feel like guys can jam you, so I have to be prepared for that."

The receivers have also benefited from the steady progress of quarterback Christian Ponder, who is entering his second season as a starter.

"Ponder is putting it on the money," Reed said. "It doesn't really matter who the receiver is. That's what he's showing us -- it doesn't matter who it is out there running the route, he's going to put it in your chest. It's up to you to catch the ball, and all of us guys can catch the ball. We catch 100 balls a day from the JUGS. We have enough talent to play."

Their talent was never a question. Now they're out to prove discipline isn't one either.

FSU's Wade resolves warrant

May, 5, 2009

Posted by's Heather Dinich

Kudos to FSU receiver Cameron Wade for turning himself in. Brian Landman of the St. Petersburg Times reported the warrant for Wade's arrest is no longer an issue. He'll get a second chance in court on July 9.

How didn't Bowden know?

May, 4, 2009

Posted by's Heather Dinich

I like Bobby Bowden. Really, I do. Count me among the many who will miss his humor and perspective when he decides to retire. But this question has to be asked: How did Bowden not know by Saturday that Cameron Wade had missed his court date? That story broke last Thursday.

Andrew Carter of the Orlando Sentinel has been following Bowden around on his annual spring booster tour, and on Saturday, Carter asked Bowden about Wade.

"Did he miss it?" Bowden responded.

"He is a fine young man, really," Bowden said. "His high school career and everything was spotless and when he's been at our place, I never hear any bad things about him, except he has had a couple of run-ins that boys have. Now, missing a court [date]? I don't know what that is. Maybe he has a very logical reason. But maybe he doesn't. I don't think there's much of a story there."

As Florida State waits to hear back from the NCAA regarding its appeal on vacating wins -- an argument based in part on the fact Bowden did not knowingly play ineligible athletes -- the issue of culpability is at the forefront in Tallahassee.

Bowden, at least by Friday, should have been informed by either a member of his staff or by reading the paper that there was a warrant out for one of his receivers.

Maybe Bowden is right. Maybe Wade had a very good reason for missing his court date, leading to a warrant for his arrest. Maybe Wade is a fine young man. I'll take Bowden's word for it. After all, he is the head coach -- he should know.

Warrant issued for FSU receivers arrest

April, 30, 2009

Posted by's Heather Dinich

I know some of my recent FSU posts haven't exactly been flattering, but I can't make this stuff up.

Florida State receiver Cameron Wade failed to appear in court on Wednesday and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest, according to multiple reports from news outlets in Tallahassee.

Wade, a 6-foot-6, 209-pound redshirt sophomore, missed a pre-trial conference Wednesday at the County Courthouse, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.

Wade was arrested along with receiver Bert Reed on Nov. 26, 2008, for misdemeanor battery in relation to a campus fight near the student union that involved five FSU receivers. The probable cause affidavit says Wade threw the first punch, according to a report by WCTV.

I've got one question: How many more strikes do the receivers get?

FSU's mix of receivers could be 'money'

September, 12, 2008

Posted by's Heather Dinich

The Florida State wide receivers call them "money catches," the tough passes that seem impossible to grab. The kind receivers coach Lawrence Dawsey earned a reputation and an NFL salary for making.

"Coach Dawsey sets high standards for us," said redshirt freshman Bert Reed. "Sometimes balls that we think are not catchable he expects us to make. We call them money catches because they'll get you a lot of money."

Not to mention win you some games.

Reed was one of seven receivers who made a catch last weekend against Western Carolina and one of four who caught his first touchdown pass. It's a sign that this year's receiving corps is deeper and more competitive with each other than it was a year ago. And that's without star playmaker Preston Parker, who was suspended for the first two games.

"It's really crazy," said Reed, who caught three passes for a team-high 77 yards in last week's romp of Western Carolina. "We have so many playmakers on the field at one time. Anybody can get the ball at anytime. We preach downfield blocking because one block could spring us for a touchdown, no matter where we are on the field with our speed and our size. It's just crazy the potential we have out there at one time on the field."

Reed had two catches for 55 yards on the Seminoles' second scoring drive last Saturday, including a 41-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Christian Ponder. He wasn't the only one who had a good day. Junior wide receiver Rod Owens caught a career-high tying four passes for a career-high 61 yards. Owens and Greg Carr are the veterans. Reed, redshirt freshmen Taiwan Easterling and Cameron Wade, junior college transfer Corey Surrency, and true freshman Jarmon Fortson are newcomers.

Reed and Easterling, a tough player who is one of the better blockers, have been filling in for Parker, the Seminoles' most versatile athlete. Parker led FSU with 1,513 all-purpose yards last season, and also had the most catches (62), was second on the team in receiving yards (791), second on the team in rushing attempts (52) and rushing yards (270), and was the top punt returner.

"It's been a blessing in disguise, but I can tell you it's been real hard on Preston," said Reed, Parker's roommate. "It's showing what our other receivers have and what we can do. I know he loves it because it's going to make his job easier when he comes back."

Which will be just in time for a critical Atlantic Division game against Wake Forest.

"Right now he's giving our defense the best look it can get," Reed said. "He's playing every play like it's for real over there on the scout team, which is making them better."

Dawsey said the fact that they're in their second season of Jimbo Fisher's offense has helped, and the depth and friendly competition between the players has been a "pleasant surprise."

"When I played back in the 80s here that's how it was when I was here," Dawsey said. "We've been trying to instill 'as one does we all do.' We try to do everything together and keep it as a family. It's paying off because you're definitely seeing on the field how they're pushing each other. They're taking charge. They want to be the best unit in the country this year."