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January, 24, 2014
Jan 24
Offseason? What offseason ...

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February, 26, 2013
Are you ready for some football? What? Still six months to go? Sigh ...
Miami running backs coach Tommie Robinson has taken the same job with the Arizona Cardinals, according to the Cardinals' Web site.

Staff changes are common after signing day, but coach Randy Shannon gave his assistants the rest of the week off, so nobody was available to comment on this one. Unlike former Miami recruiting coordinator and defensive line coach Clint Hurtt, Robinson would be leaving for a better opportunity at the next level. Hurtt, a former Miami player, left his alma mater for Louisville. Shannon already replaced Hurtt with Rick Petri -- a good hire. But now he has to make another one.

Recruiting rewind: Miami

February, 4, 2010
There wasn’t quite the buzz around the Hurricanes’ No. 13 class that there has been in recent years -- unless, of course, you’re talking to coach Randy Shannon. Miami finally has some staff stability, save for the departure of former defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt. It's finally reached the point where the numbers and depth have improved, making it easier to target a wider variety of positions.

“I think most of the players you see across the country, they’re starting to see what Miami is about,” Shannon said. “Instead of this coach or that coach they’re going for the program. That’s the one thing I see from the young men that’s part of this university. They see the program. They see where we’ve been and where we’re going. They see the improvement every year, the family-type atmosphere with the players. Coming on a visit is not just lip service. They see the opportunity and that every year I’ve been here freshmen in some form or fashion play.”

What they don’t have? A lot of ESPNU 150 players. The Canes added three -- the fewest they've seen under Shannon -- and missed out on several top uncommitted players who went elsewhere on signing day. But that doesn’t mean this class isn’t loaded with future talent and speed, and most importantly, the Canes met several position needs.

“Our needs are getting our numbers right,” Shannon said. “On the offensive line, we had a depth situation that was going to be tough, and now we have a couple of guys on the team who in the long term can help us establish where we need to be instead of a quick fix. The more depth you have on your football team, the better your football team will be.

“It’s not like in my second year, where you have to go out and get eight receivers,” Shannon said. “Now we’re almost at the point where we can say we need two at this position, two at that position instead of trying to recruit 25 and 30 guys. Now it’s about 15 and you know your program is going in the right direction.”

That approach has made it easier not only to recruit, but to make it through an entire season. The staff went aggressively after tight ends and linebackers. It also added depth to the running back position where Javarris James graduated, Graig Cooper is coming off a knee injury and Damien Berry will be a senior. Four-star running backs Storm Johnson and Eduardo Clements should help there. As for who might see playing time first?

“Your best shot is to look at the seven guys who came in in January,” Shannon said. “They always play for some reason.”

Miami: Hurtt out, Petri in

January, 28, 2010
On Wednesday afternoon, Louisville announced the hire of former Miami defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt to coach the same position.

On Thursday, the Miami Herald reported the Canes' hire of former Kentucky defensive line coach Rick Petri.

Clearly, this didn't happen overnight.

Hurtt's Miami cell phone has been disconnected for over a week now. The question left unanswered by both Hurtt and Miami is: Why would a former Miami player leave The U to coach the same position at Louisville about two weeks before signing day? It's not like Hurtt jumped to the NFL, like Georgia Tech recruiting coordinator Giff Smith did on Wednesday. Hurtt went to Louisville, a program that won just one game in the Big East in 2009. One possible explanation is that Hurtt didn't have a choice -- he was told to start looking around. Another is that he wasn't happy at Miami. Regardless of why it happened, Miami lost one of its best recruiters. As to whether he could've gotten more out of the defensive line? Well, injuries and youth did have a little something to do with it, but the play up front wasn't consistently where it needed to be.

Petri is a good hire to help the Canes get it there. He was an assistant defensive line coach at Miami from 1993 to 1995, so he knows what the expectations are. It's a good thing, because he happens to be joining the program when expectations are at the highest under coach Randy Shannon.

Tuesday mailblog

January, 19, 2010
What? What's that you say? Yes, I know where Philip Rivers went to school ...

Mariano in Miami, Fla., writes: Miss Dinich:I am assuming you left the U out because they did not belong to the ACC in 2000 and 2001 and 2002.However, I see VT, and BC which they did not belong to the ACC back then either.How could you not include Ed Reed, Clinto Portis, Jeremy Shockey, Sean Taylor, Vince Wilkfork, Kellen Winslow II, Antrel Rolle. Andre Johnson, Brett Romberg. Oh and Willis McGahee. You could not have pick atleast one player from this list? 2001 National Champions?I would put these guys and team man for man against Alabama today and the "U" would prevail.Am I missing something here? Please tell me where I made my mistake.

Heather Dinich: I knew I was going to get a question or two about this, but anything that's included from those three schools is based on what the program, player or coach did while a member of the ACC. We're talking from 2004 on. Miami has a TON of worthy players, but how many since it joined the conference? The Canes haven't even won their division yet.

Kevin in Tokyo, Japan, writes: Heather,I think you really missed one key bullet in your decade in review: GT, FSU, and VT all went to bowl games in every year of the decade. Only Florida and Georgia (and a couple other teams I think) can make such a claim.Kevin

HD: You're right, Kevin, that's a great note. I just double checked it to be sure. Not sure who else in the country can say the same, but that's impressive.

Pat in Duluth, Minn., writes: Hey Heather, Any truth to the rumors that Miami defensive line coach Clintt Hurtt will be leaving to assume the same job at Louisville?? If true, who do you think could be some potential candidates for the Canes open coaching slot?Keep up the good work!

HD: Yes, this is true. I've confirmed it with a source. Haven't heard anything on candidates to replace him, other than that's a decision that probably won't be made until after recruiting is wrapped up.

Tim in Denver, CO., writes: Heather, according to the Senior Bowl website there are only 5 players representing the ACC (3 from FSU and 2 from Miami.) Is this the final roster? Where is the rest of the reps from the ACC...namely CJ Spiller?

HD: A spokesperson for the bowl told me on Sunday the official list hasn't been released yet, but it should come out soon, and when it does, I'll post the ACC's reps. I'm pretty sure only FSU and Miami have been announced so far.

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January, 18, 2010
"A right delayed is a right denied." -- Martin Luther King Jr.

Excited to see Miami's Graham

May, 13, 2009

Posted by's Heather Dinich

This is how it started: Miami forward Jimmy Graham approached recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt about using his final year of football eligibility with the Canes' football team. Hurtt then took Graham to coach Randy Shannon, who offered him an opportunity.

Graham didn't practice with the football team this spring, and he hasn't played since his early high school years, but Shannon said he likes Graham's toughness and his physical potential. Graham is about 6-foot-7, 265 pounds, and will try to help the team as a tight end.

"If he's big and he can run and he's got good hands," Shannon said, "he's got a shot."

One of the biggest adjustments Graham will have to make is not only running in pads, but running outside in South Florida. All of his conditioning and drills have been done inside, not in the heat.

"Running in pads once you get used to it, if he can bring something to the table and help us and make a catch here and there to move the first down sticks, that's great," Shannon said. "It's a rare thing, but every now and then you may get a person who can handle it and do it."

Shannon said that tight end Dedrick Epps is still rehabbing his knee, walking around without a brace and lifting. He's started to run straight ahead, but the staff is cautiously optimistic. Fans should feel the same about Graham.