Football and a historic last name link Chubbs all over

Nick Chubb represents respected lineage (1:06)

ESPN college football reporter Andrea Adelson discusses the impact of the Chubb name in Georgia, and Bulldogs running back Nick Chubb explains what that legacy means to him. (1:06)

ATHENS, Ga. -- Brandon Chubb starts talking first, maybe because he is the oldest, maybe because he is the most outspoken among the three football-playing Chubbs sitting around a table inside the Georgia football facility.

His brother, Bradley, is quieter. He listens intently. So does their father, Aaron, whose picture hangs just outside the conference room among the many Georgia greats who played in the NFL.

Their cousin, Nick, is the most soft-spoken in the group. He looks at Brandon and nods every once in a while.

"Christmas 2013," Brandon begins. "I was home during bowl season. That was the first time we all caught up. Nick, with his success at Cedartown -- word started spreading around Georgia. So, me and Brad kept up with him. There was definitely a football connection all around."

Bradley chimes in: "I remember walking around our high school, and my coach asking me, 'Do you know that Chubb kid from Cedartown?' I started asking my dad, 'Do we know him?' So I think that helped get us together."

"When I heard there were Chubbs around, I had to meet them because we all love football. We're all very athletic," Nick adds. "I wanted to get in touch with them to see how everything was going with them."

The Chubb cousins lived 50 miles apart, but football drew them together for their first meeting two years ago. Brandon was already playing linebacker at Wake Forest. Bradley and Nick were both high school seniors. Their get-together proved to be inevitable in a way. As Aaron Chubb tells it, "Pretty much if you're Chubb and from the area, you're related."

This Saturday, many of those relatives will descend on Winston Salem, North Carolina. Brandon and Bradley are set to play against each other for the last time in a college game when Bradley's NC State squad heads to Wake Forest (noon ET on ESPN3). Their parents had custom shirts made for the occasion. Forty-two friends and family members are expected to be in the stands.

Football has been a shared passion of the Chubbs for generations, but what will always bind them together is their last name. Nobody calls any of them by their first names. Teammates call each one, "Chubb." During ACC media days in July, Brandon did a double-take every single time he heard NC State players Mike Rose and Jacoby Brissett mentioned "Chubb" during an interview.

"That means something to me because it feels like it stands out," Bradley says. "People ask me, 'Why do they call you Chubb?' I'm proud to say it's my last name."

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