Scott Shafer asked captain to read letter to Syracuse team

Scott Shafer did not address Syracuse this past Friday night before his final game as the Orange’s coach. It was a departure from weekly protocol, but after being fired (effective after the season) four days earlier, Shafer pulled captain Rob Trudo aside and handed him a stack of papers to be read to the team instead.

From Syracuse.com’s Stephen Bailey:

There's no [freaking] way I'll be able to say this tonight without getting all emotional," Trudo recalls Shafer telling him. "I want the seniors to run the meeting."

"It changed my complete mood from relaxed and focused up to, 'OK, this is some serious (stuff) now,'" Trudo said. "You see Superman cry ... you know what I mean?"

Trudo, according to the report, then read Shafer’s letter, titled “For The Love Of The Game.” The redshirt senior guard fought through tears. He brought up each senior to give parting words to the team.

Syracuse went on to beat Boston College the next day, 20-17, on a last-second field goal. And Trudo and fellow lineman Nick Robinson carried Shafer off the field.