Syracuse's Cameron Lynch takes turn in front of camera

Syracuse linebacker Cameron Lynch has never been shy around the camera, so he decided to make something of his talents this season.

Lynch began interviewing teammates and called his video creation “Cam’s Cam,” posted weekly on the Syracuse athletics website, his way of showcasing the personalities he has come to know and love during his time with the Orange.

As perhaps the friendliest player on the team, Lynch had little trouble convincing teammates to come on the show. Lynch comes up with all the ideas, asks his own questions to his teammates, and takes questions from Twitter, too.

“People don’t get to see the good part of our team, the personality of my teammates,” Lynch said. “We had a guy from London on Cam’s Cam … so I want to bring these guys out to the world because they have personalities and they’re funny so why not put them on the show?”

Lynch first got the idea in July, when he went to ACC Kickoff in Greensboro, North Carolina, and took note of how many Syracuse graduates were in the journalism and broadcast fields. Later on, Mike Tirico, a Syracuse grad, came and spoke at the school and Lynch was inspired.

The Newhouse School of Public Communications is widely regarded as one of the top communications programs in the country, so Lynch decided he wanted to take advantage of being at Syracuse and apply there for graduate school. Once his playing days are over, the plan is to focus on his future media career.

An economics major, Lynch previously served an internship at Leigh Baldwin & Co. Investment Brokers in Syracuse. So he had no experience at all in front of a camera, besides documenting his life on snapchat.

But his own winning personality makes the show work, so much so that Cam’s Cam became an immediate hit in the locker room and players began begging for their turn on the show.

“I was jealous,” safety Ritchy Desir says with a laugh. “We’re friends and I didn’t get on Cam’s Cam until Week 9, so I got kinda mad at him about that. He’s been telling me all year just wait. I’m going to get you on there.' So I patiently waited my turn and I finally got on.”

Desir made his debut with Durell Eskridge and Oliver Vigille, in an episode centered on their backgrounds growing up in Miami. But two others stand out as favorites. In an episode earlier this season, Lynch featured Luke Arciniega and Josh Kirkland flexing for the cameras.

In “The Boy Band” episode, cornerback Joe Nassib showed some leg to reveal a Philadelphia Flyers tattoo.

There is, however, one high-profile person from Syracuse that Lynch has yet to feature.

Coach Scott Shafer.

“He’s knocking off all the big names before he gets down the list to us guys who are way down on the food chain,” Shafer said. “I’ve got to wait and see. Maybe I get a shot, or maybe I don’t but either way, I know Cam will make the best decision.”