Sheldon Richardson says Tom Brady controversy worth a few laughs


FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Sandwiched between his post-practice interview with reporters and the public revelation of his legal troubles in St. Louis, Sheldon Richardson spoke to ESPN New York 98.7 FM, which camped out Thursday at the New York Jets' facility.

Aside from reiterating his remorse for his looming four-game drug suspension, Richardson made interesting comments on a couple of other topics, including the Foxborough ball deflators. He suggested that some folks around the Jets find it rather amusing that the New England Patriots are engulfed in this controversy.

"We see it on TV, so we have no choice but to look at it," Richardson told Don La Greca and Dave Rothenberg. "We really don't care. We have nothing to do with Tom Brady, Bill Belichick. We try to beat those guys if he's on the field or not -- and he should be by Week 7 when I'm back. ... I'm pretty sure some guys will pay attention to the media stuff like that, but the people I talk to on a day-to-day basis, nah, we just laugh about it. People say the Patriots get away with a lot of stuff."

Do they?

"Yeah," he said, laughing.

Such as?

"Anything," Richardson said. "They think they're ahead of the curve and using the linemen and hiding linemen and stuff like that. People say that's championship football, being new or whatever, but, hey, line up and put your teeth on the line."

Asked if he feels the Patriots are cheaters, Richardson declined comment.

Richardson also shed some light on how he expects Jets coach Todd Bowles to impose discipline, as compared to Rex Ryan -- a matter that could hit close to home for Richardson, considering his latest flap.

He said the "only difference between them, I find, is missed meetings and things of that matter. ... Rex wouldn't charge you $30,000 or $40,000 or whatever or whatever the fine might be. But with Todd Bowles' meetings, you get the full price and you know he's serious about that. You're either going to go with it or you're not. It can be easy for you or it can be hard."

Richardson described Bowles as a player's coach, saying he's similar to Ryan in that respect. But he added, "Just when it comes down to the little things, like the systems, they're different. Some guys took advantage of that, some guys didn't, and you either appreciated it or abused it. New team, new coach."