Brady: 'I've been hit harder than that before'

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady visited with "The Dennis & Callahan Morning Show" on Boston radio station WEEI and covered a lot of ground Monday.


Brady, who didn't speak to reporters after Saturday night's loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, talked about what it was like to absorb his first shots since undergoing reconstructive knee surgery.

The big blast was a head-on collision from Bengals defensive end Robert Geathers.

"I'm glad I got hit," Brady said. "I'm glad, honestly. It felt good for me to get hit like that. I've taken a lot of hits in my career, and they may look bad. A lot of them don't feel bad. The awkward ones are the ones that probably hurt.

"The ones like that, you stand there and someone hits me. I kind of saw him at the last minute, too. I kind of put my shoulder down and protected myself.

"It wasn't anything too bad. I've been hit harder than that before."

Other highlights from Brady's interview ...

  • He insisted he doesn't think about his left knee other than when he puts on the brace.

  • He hinted the Patriots will run the ball more than they did in 2007: "There are a lot of ways to get it done."

  • Rookie Julian Edelman brings a lot to the table: "You've got to find ways to get him on the field. ... I can see why everybody's excited about him."

  • This year's tight end competition could lead to greater involvement.

  • Randy Moss' willingness to be a team player has opened up the offense.

  • He dodges a question about whether the Patriots are installing a Wildcat-type offense, but sounds like he's into the idea.