What a gag: Feely became a joke in Seattle

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Who among us has had a day at work so bad that "Saturday Night Live" felt compelled to lampoon you?

Jay Feely is among that miniscule percentage, as Tara Sullivan of the Bergen Record reminds us. Feely on Sunday will return to Qwest Field, the place where he became a national joke.

In 2005, Feely's first year with the New York Giants, he missed three game-winning field goals in a 24-21 Seattle Seahawks overtime victory. He missed from 40 yards at the final gun. He missed from 54 yards and 45 yards in sudden death.

"SNL" concocted a skit called "The Long Ride Home: The Jay Feely Story."

On the five-hour flight back from Seattle, the pilot passes out. Feely (played by comedian Dane Cook) is desperate to save the day. With his teammates staring daggers at him, he lies about having a pilot's license and is forced to guide the plane through two skyscrapers. Feely veers the plane wide right.

Feely proudly has shown the "SNL" clip to his teammates.

"I dealt with those demons already," Feely said. "I embraced it. There was a Jay Feely Fan Club in Seattle. I'm like Seattle's second son. I laughed about it. These guys [with the Jets] don't even know about it, but I told them.

"It's part of your history. You can't shy away from that. It made me better and made me stronger."

From comedy to high drama, the Jets are in a three-way tie for first place in the AFC East and will play the Miami Dolphins in the season finale. The Dolphins cut Feely, a special-teams captain, in training camp and went with undrafted rookie Dan Carpenter.