Video: Help wanted at WR and TE

NFL Draft Lab: Receivers and Tight Ends (2:53)

Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay give you their top wide receivers and tight ends in the upcoming NFL Draft (2:53)

To varying degrees, all four AFC East teams have a need for receivers and tight ends.

The Miami Dolphins still haven't identified a reliable, stretch-the-field target.

The New York Jets would love to get Mark Sanchez more help.

Randy Moss is predicting 2010 will be his last season with the New England Patriots, and slotmeister Wes Welker is recovering from an awful knee injury.

Terrell Owens and Josh Reed are unrestricted free agents for the Buffalo Bills.

With that in mind, let's drop by the NFL Draft Lab to see what analysis Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have concocted about prospects who can catch.

Buffalo fans will notice two local boys getting some attention: Syracuse receiver Mike Williams (from Buffalo's Riverside High) and Arizona tight end Rob Gronkowski (a native of suburban Amherst).

McShay considers Williams second to only Oklahoma State's Dez Bryant in terms of talent and a potential steal. Williams has character issues. Syracuse suspended him as a junior and he quit the team as a senior.

"Tons of baggage, there's no question about it," McShay said. "You've got to deal with him and have good leadership around him to keep the off-the-field trouble away. But if you can do that, I think he's the second most talented receiver in this year's class, and you can get him probably in the third or fourth round."

Kiper and McShay each have Gronkowski rated as their fifth-best receiver or tight end.