Ryan: 'Strap it up because here we come'

INDIANAPOLIS -- Rex Ryan didn't pull any punches while he navigated the New York Jets way beyond expectation, getting within 30 minutes of the Super Bowl.

RyanRyanRyan knows he coaches a marked team.

Now that the Jets have established themselves as a team to beat, some might expect Ryan to tone down his act a little. Maybe he would comport himself more like Bill Belichick and be sure not to make any bold proclamations.

So much for that.

Ryan once again announced the Jets' presence at the NFL scouting combine on Saturday

"Unfortunately, we can't jump right back into that AFC Championship Game," Ryan said. "We are at 0-0 like everybody else. You have to earn your right to get back to where we were."

Ryan then rattled off much of the Jets' schedule, which includes cross-division games against the AFC North and NFC North.

"This is going to be one tough schedule, but I can promise you one thing: We are coming after each and every one of those teams with guns a blazing," Ryan said. "So get ready and strap it up tight because here we come. That is the way we play football and that is the way we will continue to play football."

In a more intimate meeting with reporters after his news conference, Ryan spoke about wearing the target.

"We're not going to sneak up on anybody," Ryan said. "They know with that ground-and-pound philosophy we have, it's hard not to take that personal. But that's OK because we're targeting you also. Regardless of who that team is, they know we're coming after them; we know they're coming after us. But we're OK with that."