Greetings from Dolphin Stadium

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
MIAMI -- What a gorgeous day at Dolphin Stadium, where the wild card Baltimore Ravens will play the AFC East champions at 1 p.m.

The sun is shining for now, but the sky was splotched with nasty clouds on my drive in. I had to trigger the windshield wipers a couple times.

The Weather Channel's game forecast is for 77 degrees with 13 mph winds and a 10 percent chance of showers after kickoff.

The grass looks great three days after Virginia Tech played Cincinnati in the Orange Bowl. No remnants of the giant FedEx logo are visible. The Dolphins insignia are bold in both end zones.

Tailgaters are in full force for the Dolphins' first playoff game in seven years, but I was surprised at the amount of Ravens jerseys dotting the crowds.

It will be interesting to see if how much the intruders make themselves heard in what's expected to be a record-setting crowd.

Ed Hochuli will be the referee.