A dissenting view on Tomlinson and Jets

In an earlier post, I shared ESPN stats analyst KC Joyner's thoughts on what free-agent running back LaDainian Tomlinson could bring to the New York Jets.

I have a tendency to agree that Tomlinson can be a short-yardage specialist and provide a receiving threat out of the backfield.

But I wanted to find another viewpoint, and there are few observers I respect more than Matt Williamson of Scouts. Inc.

So I reached out for Williamson's take on Tomlinson, who left the Minnesota Vikings complex without a contract Thursday night and is scheduled to meet with the Jets on Friday.

Here is Williamson's take:

"I am not an L.T. believer. I have been saying now for over a year that I think he is done. Is he a better pass-catching option than Leon Washington? No, and I no longer think it is even close. Is L.T. a better goal-line, short-yardage runner than Shonn Greene? Perhaps, and I do think L.T. still does this very well. But it's not like Greene isn't capable of being quite good in this capacity.

"So where does that leave Tomlinson? As a spot player who might get five or so touches per game and doesn't do a thing to help you on special teams? That isn't enough for me. Sure, one of the top two running backs could go down, and L.T.'s role would increase, but in that capacity, I still would have much rather had Thomas Jones over Tomlinson."