Favre: Both parties at fault

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

CLEVELAND -- New Jets quarterback Brett Favre said both he and the Green Bay Packers were to blame for their ugly and public split that culminated in a trade Wednesday night.

Speaking to a large group of reporters, Favre was candid in speaking about his final days with the Packers.

"I think we're probably both at fault," Favre said. "I'm not going to sit here and blame it all on one side or the other. A lot of things happened this offseason -- a lot of shocking things. And I think we're both at fault. Who's at fault more is a matter of opinion."

Favre's news conference Thursday in Browns Stadium started about 35 minutes late because he had to first arrive from New York, then meet with Jets head coach Eric Mangini. Favre will be on the sidelines to watch his new teammates play against the Browns.

In the above video, ESPN's Chris Mortensen discusses how the trade went down.