If the Jets could add any player, it would be ...

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Last week, I invited New York Jets fans to join me for a little offseason amusement by writing in with their responses to the following question:

If money, contracts and salary-cap restraints were no object, and you could choose any player in the NFL to add to your team, whom would you acquire?

I solicited nominations from the fans of all four AFC East clubs, and Jets fans pretty much blew it off. Hello? Anybody out there?

A solitary reader wanted to replace Brett Favre with another quarterback. I received a grand total of one response in my AFC East mailbag, and a majority of the comments at the bottom of the blog mentioned multiple players, as if this were some sort of superstar shopping spree.

These were the most lucid responses:

nflfx writes: Andre Johnson. The Jets receivers are horrible. Make that Coles is horrible. Cotchery is a nice possession receiver and can mimic Houshmanzadah one day. But Coles doesnt get any seperation nor does he fight for the ball, poor route running, no serperation, no speed, missing/ drops passes. Andre johnson.

jnaught writes: With Rex Ryan in town a big time QB or WR would be nice, but not necessarily vital to making a run at winning it all. T. Jones, Little Leon and a talented O-line whose strength is run blocking could control time of possession with just an average QB. The defense, however, is poised to start 'playing on their toes'. A dominant DE or LB would be nice, but putting a combo of Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha opposite each other would put the clamps on any passing game while also freeing-up Rhodes to become 'the second coming of number 20'! Therefore, my pick: Nnamdi Asomugha.

geoyank2 writes: I would add Julius Peppers. Shaun Ellis and Julius Peppers on the Jets defensive line would sure up the team's run defense. This in turn would improve the secondary since they won't have to be responsible for as much run defense as they currently do. Rhodes, Revis, and the rest of the secondary are great players and shifting their focus mostly to the pass game would help the defense tremendously.

mntaxi writes: Fitzgerald. He is far and away the best player in the game, and he is still ridiculously young. I would be confident with the Jets having Kellen Clemens back there if it meant he had such a devastating target to get the ball to.

Kevin in Staten Island writes: The Jets need a playmaker on both sides of the ball. On offense- Larry Fitzgerald will open the field for the running game, and give them a gamebreaker threat. On defense- they need someone to bring some nastiness and speed. A young Ray Lewis, or Bob Sanders would be nice.

I agree that a receiver with separation skills -- with the outstanding offensive line already in place and Thomas Jones and Leon Washington in the backfield -- would make a world of difference for whomever the quarterback is.

My pick would have been Philip Rivers or Peyton Manning, but the position that came up most frequently was receiver, and the name that popped up most often wins this debate.

In the AFC East Blog's Plus One, the Jets select Larry Fitzgerald.