More of 75 greatest draft picks revealed

NFL.com's unveiling of the 75 greatest draft picks resumed Tuesday with picks No. 26 through 50.

Picks No. 11 through 49 will be announced Wednesday, and the top 10 will be named during Thursday's draft telecast on the NFL Network.

Here are the players with AFC East ties on the list so far:

33. Joe Namath, Jets quarterback (1965, first round)

35. Bruce Smith, Bills defensive end (1985, first round)

42. O.J. Simpson, Bills running back (1969, first round)

45. Jim Kelly, Bills quarterback (1983, first round)

47. Junior Seau, Chargers linebacker (1990, first round)

55. Thurman Thomas, Bills running back (1988, second round)

61. Terrell Owens, 49ers receiver (1996, third round)

67. Larry Csonka, Dolphins running back (1968, first round)