Wiley on Ireland: Teams need to know

Reaction To Ireland's Question (7:11)

Marcellus Wiley joins Mike and Mike to give his thoughts on Jeff Ireland's question to Dez Bryant (7:11)

ESPN analyst Marcellus Wiley appeared on "Mike & Mike" to discuss the controversy surrounding Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland and the insensitive question he asked about Dez Bryant's mother in a pre-draft interview.

Wiley, a former Buffalo Bills defensive end, played for the Dallas Cowboys in 2004 under Bill Parcells, now the Dolphins football operations boss. Ireland was with the Cowboys as a scout at the time.

Ireland's question to Bryant about his mother being a prostitute reminded Wiley of an off-putting question Parcells asked him on his free-agent visit. As Wiley explains in the accompanying video, Parcells coldly asked the Columbia grad if he did drugs.

Wiley, while bothered by Ireland's tact with Bryant, defended the philosophical reasons behind the question.

"It's a tough question to hear," Wiley said. "When I first heard it and up until this moment I still shake my head, like, 'Wow, that was a crazy question to ask' just because we don't know the context.

"I'm going to play devil's advocate a little because I totally am sensitive to the question being asked. Most players I know get in trouble -- even let's go to Ben Roethlisberger, the last player in trouble -- because the people around them enable them and no one ever humbles them and tells them 'No' or tells them 'Stop.'

"In a locker room, chemistry is an issue. You've got to have the right people in there. You can't have cancers in that locker room. Sometimes in a guy's family circle he brings those same kind of issued along with him.

"Is it a team's responsibility to figure that out? As much as you can, yes, despite the number of the dollars invested. If you get a guy in the seventh round, you want to know what kind of things is this guy dealing with. What kind of social issues does this guy have to deal with on day-to-day basis?"