Fred Taylor impressed by Buffalo visit

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Free-agent running back Fred Taylor's first impression of the Buffalo Bills was a positive one.

Taylor visited team headquarters Tuesday in Orchard Park, N.Y., and although he admitted the need to be diplomatic while sharing his thoughts, he sounded intrigued by the possibility of playing there.

"I think the sky is the limit," Taylor said. "It's a great opportunity. We are in a recession, and I am jobless. So I have to make the most of every opportunity and try to say the right stuff. The people that I have met have been terrific."

Taylor, released last week after 11 seasons and over 11,000 rushing yards with the Jacksonville Jaguars, will visit the New England Patriots on Wednesday.

Bills coach Dick Jauron was in Jacksonville when Taylor was a rookie. Bills defensive tackle Marcus Stroud, who previously played in Jacksonville, also has been lobbying Taylor hard.

"At my age, it has to be a fit," Taylor said. "It has to be that right fit from an offensive standpoint, as far as the staff, just everything. At the end of these visits, or wherever I have to go from here, I'll just put every team on the plate and say 'This place, these are the pros and cons. And this place, these are the pros and cons.'

"But I must tell you, I love coach Jauron, being that I had him as a rookie in Jacksonville. There's a great deal of respect, mutual respect. Every time we play each other, we find each other on the field just to say our hellos and stuff. So he's a great man.

"I like Buffalo. It's been an outstanding visit."

The Bills already have an established backfield tandem with Pro Bowler Marshawn Lynch and popular backup Fred Jackson. But Lynch keeps getting into embarrassing legal trouble, and Jackson's contract is up.

New England's backfield is even more crowded. The Patriots have Laurence Maroney, Sammy Morris, Kevin Faulk and BenJarvus Green-Ellis on their roster.

"It's football," Taylor said. "At the end of the day, my No. 1 objective is to get somewhere and compete. Nothing is going to be given to me. I don't expect that. They have a talented core of backs, and I think myself, being a veteran guy who's been around the block -- seen some things, learned some things for other guys -- I think I can be able to pass some of that knowledge along to some of the younger guys."