Clayton: Bills have NFL's worst offseason

Two weeks ago, ESPN.com's John Clayton appraised the NFL's best offseasons. AFC East clubs took the first three slots.

Clayton rated the New England Patriots first, followed by the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets.

The Buffalo Bills didn't make that list, but here they are, atop Clayton's followup analysis. He claims the Bills had the league's worst offseason.

Writes Clayton:

1. Buffalo Bills: No team had a greener offensive line last season than the Bills. ... All the Bills did to help the line was sign 33-year-old tackle Cornell Green.

The Bills averaged a horrible 16.1 points a game on offense and did nothing to upgrade a quarterback corps filled by Trent Edward sand Ryan Fitzpatrick. The receiving corps lost 82 catches by not re-signing Terrell Owens and Josh Reed. The only replacement was fourth-round choice Marcus Easley, leaving Lee Evans with little around him.

Owner Ralph Wilson was willing to pay a high salary for his new coach, and ended up with nice guy Chan Gailey, hardly a headliner. To make things even more challenging, the Bills switched to a 3-4 defense even though they didn't have a legitimate 3-4 outside linebacker or a nose tackle. They drafted nose tackle Torell Troup in the second round and hope that Broncos castoff Andra Davis and seldom-used Aaron Maybin can handle the tough outside linebacking jobs.

Making matters worse, the Bills' three division rivals -- the Patriots, Jets and Dolphins -- had three of the best five offseasons. With those odds against them, the Bills won't need luck to be in position to draft either Jake Locker or Andrew Luck next year.