Should Dolphins bring back Jason Taylor?

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Well, lookie here.

Jason Taylor is a free agent.

Might he return to the Miami Dolphins?

While Taylor doesn't possess the prototypical size for a Bill Parcells-style 3-4 defense and there was all sorts of acrimony between them before the Dolphins traded him to the Washington Redskins, maybe their relationship can be salvaged.

"If he wants to be back in Miami and they'll have him, it'll be great," one of his close friends, defensive end Vonnie Holliday, said Monday.

The Dolphins cut Holliday earlier in the day. Holliday and Taylor had commiserated over the phone about their similar fates.

"He can still play this game," Holliday said. "He's a future Hall of Famer. He can help them out if they can make it work."

But, almost in the same breath, Holliday conceded, "It certainly would be hard" for the Dolphins to bring him back.

Dolphins outside linebacker Joey Porter, who was playing out of position in 2007, had a monster follow-up year with Taylor gone. Porter led the AFC with 17.5 sacks.

"It wouldn't be easy," Holliday said. "I think what Joey Porter did this past year makes it hard. You're talking about two guys who are the same player in that position on the field in that defense. They would be hard-pressed to come to Joey Porter and say 'We're going to bring J.T. back.'"

But if you'll recall, Parcells and Taylor held a secret, 90-minute meeting at Grande Oaks Golf Club last June to settle their differences, which had escalated to "Days of Our Lives" proportions. There was a belief, at one point, Parcells wanted Taylor to stick around.

Then the Redskins suffered casualties early in training camp and pulled the trigger on a trade.

Although money was the biggest reason the Redskins cut Taylor, a league source informs me that Taylor's unwillingness to be as involved in their offseason program as the Redskins wanted him to be also played a role.

But before you jump on Taylor for not being committed, remember that his wife and three children still live in South Florida. He also wants to be as involved as possible with the Jason Taylor Foundation over the summer. He might want to come back.

Taylor, besieged by injuries, started only eight games and played in 13 for Washington. He had 3.5 sacks, the second-lowest output of his 12-year career.

"Now he's out of there and looking around," Holliday said. "He wasn't happy in Washington. He felt he was playing out of position. Now he can go somewhere else, play and be happy."

Do you think the Dolphins should give Taylor a call?