Bruschi: Ross' comments unfair to Henne

Expectations For Chad Henne (1:03)

Tedy Bruschi discusses the expectations facing Chad Henne following the comments from Dolphins owner Stephen Ross (1:03)

We'll have a chance at Wednesday's workout to ask Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne what he thought about owner Stephen Ross' bold statements from the weekend, but I have a feeling Henne -- the competitor that he is -- won't see a problem with such lofty talk.

Henne wouldn't have gotten this far in football if he didn't have aspirations of being great, and most players at this time of year believe their team can reach the Super Bowl.

But someone who played the game for 13 years, won three Super Bowls and has the benefit of wisdom and perspective sees a huge problem with what Ross said.

I wrote about Ross' remarks on the AFC East blog Monday morning, and it's clear by the number of responses Henne is a popular topic of debate among fans.

ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi called Ross' comments unfair to Henne.

"I think you need to let this kid develop his own identity because what [Ross] is talking about, we're talking about Dan Marino, one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game," Bruschi said. "So to compare him Dan Marino that early? He's still a young quarterback, still developing, doesn't have a lot of starts under his belt.

"This team is growing. They have a chance and he has a tremendous upside. I like Chad Henne as a quarterback. He has a lot of potential, but this just puts added pressure on him for when he struggles -- and he will struggle next year -- the criticism's going to come down. 'You know, the owner said this kid was the next Marino. What's happening now?'"