Welcome to Buffalo, Terrell Owens

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Terrell Owens flew into Buffalo Niagara International Airport on Saturday and signed a one-year contract with the Buffalo Bills.

T.O. didn't stick around long. He jetted back out of town shortly thereafter.

I'm not sure how much leisure time Owens has spent in the Buffalo area, but he has played in Ralph Wilson Stadium only twice in his career. He visited in October 1998 with the San Francisco 49ers and October 2007 with the Dallas Cowboys.

I think we can safely assume Owens hasn't experienced many -- if any -- of Buffalo's charms. Buffalo frequently gets knocked for its bleak winters and bleaker economy, but the good folks there have plenty to brag about.

With that in mind, ESPN.com has decided to help welcome Owens to his new neighborhood by compiling a list of sites to see, places to visit and things to do in the Greater Niagara Region.

  • What are the first three things Owens should do when he comes to Buffalo?

  • What are three facts Owens should know about the area?

  • What are three topics Owens never should bring up if he wants Bills fans to keep rooting for him?

Maybe he can check in with Willis McGahee on the last one. But here are a few tips: Stay away from the words relocation, inner harbor, Applebee's and Donahoe.

Submit your suggestions for T.O. in the comments section below.

We'll tabulate the votes and come up with the most popular recommendations for a happy stay.