Scouts Inc.: Cutler in the AFC East?

Posted by Scouts Inc's Matt Williamson
Does Denver quarterback Jay Cutler fit with an AFC East team? Let's break it down:

New England: Write off the Patriots. New England has the draft picks to acquire a big-name veteran -- and securing Cutler's services will not come cheaply -- but it just dealt Matt Cassel and must feel very good about Tom Brady's recovery from his knee injury.

Miami: The Dolphins' quarterback situation must be considered in the top third (and maybe better) of the NFL now and for the long term. Chad Pennington is efficient and a very good fit for what this team wants to do offensively. He is also a great mentor for Chad Henne, a young, strong-armed passer whom the Dolphins like. While Pennington is a safe option behind center, there is risk with Henne for the long term, as there is with any inexperienced quarterback. But, for the most part, quarterback is a position that Miami really has little need to address now.

Buffalo: The Bills made a very un-Bills-like move by signing Terrell Owens, one of the more controversial players in the league. There are doubts as to whether Trent Edwards has what it takes to be Buffalo's long-term answer at QB. But for this franchise, the draft picks that would be needed as compensation to acquire Cutler are more needed to address the interior offensive line, defensive end and tight end.

New York Jets: Of the teams in the division, the Jets are the best bet to make a play for Cutler. Much like in Buffalo and New England, a strong-armed passer is required to play in the tricky Northeastern weather conditions. Cutler would be a massive upgrade at quarterback for New York, but there are still questions about how he would work in the Big Apple. How would Cutler, whose maturity has been questioned, react to the media attention? How would he work with new coach Rex Ryan? Cutler isn't Ryan's type of quarterback. The Denver QB is a big-time risk taker who too often acts like his incredible physical talents can overcome any coverage scheme. Cutler makes too many bad decisions for what Ryan is trying to accomplish. The new Jets coach will stress a physical running game and tough defense. With Cutler behind center, the Jets would surely get more big plays, but he's not an ideal fit.

Here is NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert's take on how Cutler might fit in that division.

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