Video: Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

Brady or Manning? (1:48)

The 1st and 10 crew with special guest Shaun Philips debate Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning. (1:48)

ESPN's "First Take" broached one of this generation's classic NFL topics Wednesday morning.

Who would you rather have on your team? Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

San Diego Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips and Sports Illustrated writer Jim Trotter sat down with "First Take" regular Skip Bayless to discuss.

A debate failed to develop.

Shaun Phillips: "I'd definitely take Tom Brady. He has that [Tim] Tebow thing, that 'it factor.' He has that. Peyton Manning's a great quarterback and he's proven he can do everything in this league, but I'm taking Tom Brady."

Jim Trotter: "I'm with him. I take Tom Brady. I go back to the playoff thing. These are both tremendous quarterbacks, but when I look at the playoffs and I look at how Tom Brady has consistently delivered. In Peyton Manning's one Super Bowl season, he actually threw more interceptions than he threw touchdown passes. Says a lot to me. So I go Brady."

Skip Bayless: "I'm definitely Brady. I must say, though, Tom Brady had an off year last year. His playoff game against the Ravens was not very Tom Brady-like, coming off his reconstructed knee. I'm on record as saying Peyton Manning, greatest regular-season quarterback ever. Just ever. I don't know how you could debate that. But he has never quite lived up to those numbers in the postseason. It looked like he might last year until an ill-fated pass against the Saints that went the other direction. If you look at the overall playoff numbers, he lost to Brady back-to-back once and he lost to the [Chargers] back-to-back. I don't think you could sell him over Brady, who is very close to winning all four of his Super Bowls."