Cris Carter's top questions for the AFC East

ESPN analyst Cris Carter appeared on Thursday morning's "SportsCenter" and shared his biggest question marks for each AFC East team.

Carter makes some interesting comments and, unless he misspoke, suggests the Buffalo Bills won't make the playoffs for another 10 years.

New England Patriots: Who will be their defensive playmaker?

"In critical games, critical situations, they've always had a number of veteran players who would [step] up: Richard Seymour, Ty Law, Tedy Bruschi, who's now making big plays for us. Who are going to be these players? We know [Vince] Wilfork, they signed him back to the middle. We know [Jerod] Mayo, they signed him back, and he's a good player. But around those players, who will make plays?"

New York Jets: Do they have the intangibles to be a champion?

"They have the talent, and they have some of the other things it takes to be a champion. But they have a lot of guys in the last year of their contracts, a lot of guys other organizations might call misfits. Are these guys willing to sacrifice?"

Miami Dolphins: How healthy is Brandon Marshall's hip?

"I talked to Brandon last week. He feels like he's in good shape, ready for training camp. He feels like he can be 100 percent once the season starts. ... The type of receiver they're going to be getting is the same receiver they have seen play for the Broncos."

Buffalo Bills: Why would I be excited?

"They're tied with Detroit as far as the longest absence from the playoffs, that being 1999, when I was still playing. Will this decade be any better than the last decade? I don't think so, given also the division that they're in."