Eric Allen's top questions for the AFC East

"SportsCenter" doubled up in its preview of AFC East camps and brought a second expert into the studio for his take.

Earlier, we looked at former receiver Cris Carter's top question for each club. Next up is Eric Allen, a six-time Pro Bowl cornerback.

New England Patriots: How effectively will their defensive backs perform?

"When you look at this football team, they've always had outstanding playmakers in the back end. Not so of late. They drafted Pat Chung last year, a safety out of Oregon. This year, [cornerback] Devin McCourty. These guys need to step into the shoes of Asante Samuel and Ty Law to make plays and solidify this defense. Then, on a side note, the coaches. Where are all the Romeo Crennels and Charlie Weises, those great coordinators of the past?"

New York Jets: Will their running backs be good enough?

"You have so many talented running backs, Shonn Greene, LT [LaDainian Tomlinson] and the youngster out of USC, Joe McKnight, a speedster. How will all those guys fit into this puzzle to help this football team stand up to all those great expectations?"

Miami Dolphins: Will their defense stand up to the challenge?

"You lose Joey Porter. You lose Jason Taylor. Who's going to step up and provide that great pass rush to help that secondary that's young and up-and-coming? But they need to find a way to make it happen. They need it to get done this season."

Buffalo Bills: Who will be their quarterback?

"Where's Jim Kelly? Who are the quarterbacks? That's the one question the Bills have to answer coming out of training camp. ... You need to find a guy that will be a signal caller. Hopefully, it's Trent Edwards. If that guy can make it happen, then this team can move on from the basement in the AFC East."