Have the Jets eclipsed the Patriots?

Friday's episode of ESPN's "First Take" featured a debate about whether the New York Jets have eclipsed the New England Patriots as the AFC East's best team.

Skip Bayless was joined by Atlanta-based radio hosts Doug Stewart and Ryan Stewart, aka "2 Live Stews."

Doug Stewart favors the Patriots. Ryan Stewart notes Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's contract issues and inexplicably drops a Spygate reference in making his case for the Jets.

Bayless broke the tie. Although he said the Patriots could fail to reach the postseason this year because of various uncertainties, he gave them the edge.

"They're going to miss Thomas Jones," Bayless said, "and a lot more burden is going to fall on a potential sophomore slumper in the quarterback [Mark Sanchez]. I think he's going to have a rough ride. He had a rough ride for much of last year. I'm not sold on him, which brings us back to New England.

"New England is the NFL X-factor this year. I wouldn't be shocked if New England won the Super Bowl, and I guess I wouldn't be shocked if they missed the playoffs. ... I still have them winning the East, because I do believe Brady will be back to being Brady."