Gailey on Buffalo's chances: Why not us?

I had the pleasure of waking up Wednesday morning to Chan Gailey's voice.

The Buffalo Bills head coach was a guest with Joe Rose, the former Miami Dolphins tight end and morning host on local sports station WQAM.

Gailey talked about a number of Bills issues, including his quarterbacks, his relationship with Marshawn Lynch and first-round draft pick C.J. Spiller's holdout.

Gailey's most interesting comments had to do with the Buffalo's preseason expectations. It would be difficult to find a prognosticator who doesn't believe the Bills will finish fourth in the AFC East.

"You get excited about the challenges," said Gailey, a former Dolphins offensive coordinator. "If you're any kind of competitor, if you go out on the racquetball court or anywhere you compete, you love a challenge. I know it's not easy, but guess what. It's not easy anywhere.

"People say, 'What kind of chance do you have in the division because the division's so tough?' I said, 'What kind of chance did they give Miami two years ago, and what kind of chance did they give the Jets last year?'"

The Bills would need to break out of an organizational funk to reach the playoffs, a feat that might be more miraculous than the Dolphins rebounding from 1-15 to win the division in 2008.

The Bills haven't been to the playoffs in a decade and have posted one winning record in that span.

"If you go out and get yourself organized and get a football team that will refuse to quit, you got a chance to be successful," Gailey said. "What you try to do is take 53 different guys from different parts of the country and different thought processes and load them into a unit that can go fixate on winning. If you can do that, you got a chance to be successful, and that's the challenge and the fun of coaching.

"The best football teams that I've ever been on didn't have the most talent. They were the best football teams. So I'm excited about the challenge here."