Taylor: Crunch time for Revis is Week 1

CORTLAND, N.Y. -- Jason Taylor joined the New York Jets because they presented a great opportunity to win a Super Bowl.

So you better believe he would prefer to have Darrelle Revis in camp.

Taylor also is a member of the NFL Players Association.

So you better believe Taylor would like to see Revis get paid.

But Taylor isn't upset he hasn't laid eyes on Revis since June. Revis' holdout is closing in on its third week. He's under contract, but he wants a new one with a salary commensurate with being the NFL's best cover cornerback.

"I wouldn't say it's a different set of rules for everybody, but there's a different set of gloves you use for everybody," Taylor told me Saturday at Jets training camp. "At the end of the day, you're one of the 53. God forbid somebody got hurt -- like Tom Brady did a couple years ago -- but the game doesn't end. You don't close the doors, lock up and say 'We lost him. Let's go home.' You can never make yourself bigger the team."

Jets secondary coach Dennis Thurman recently said if Revis were to miss the entire preseason, then the All-Pro wouldn't get up to snuff until about halfway into the regular season.

Taylor, entering his 14th NFL season, doesn't see it that way.

"I think he could come in that first week, honestly," Taylor said. "I know coaches and administration don't want to hear people say that. But he can come in that first week of the regular season. He knows the defense. He knows what he's doing. Get a couple polishing looks and get going.

"Michael Strahan did it a few years ago, had a great year and won a Super Bowl. Brett Favre does it."

That's why some Jets players aren't griping much about Revis' absence yet.

"Whether or not Reeve is here right now means nothing to my preparation," Taylor said. "It means more work for the guys on the back end that wouldn't be getting those reps if he was here, but for most of us it's business as usual.

"There will come a time where it's increasingly important that he's here. That time is probably in September, whenever we're kicking off."