No denying Rex Ryan a fascinating figure

Pro Football Weekly executive editor Dan Arkush, inspired by Dos Equis, assembled his list of the 10 most interesting men in the NFL.

Only one AFC East representative made the list, but he came in at No. 1.

1. Rex Ryan, Jets head coach: "Cable television and the National Football League have a new superstar in Ryan, an irreverent son of a gun if there ever was one, who continues to capture the fancy of pro football watchers far and wide," Arkush writes. "To me, Ryan is pro football's answer to major-league baseball's Ozzie Guillen, displaying a flair for grabbing the limelight with an equally brash demeanor well-suited for a major media market. He makes me laugh and wince at the same time, and he is never, ever boring."

2. Brett Favre, Vikings quarterback

3. Mike Singletary, 49ers head coach

4. Mike Martz, Bears offensive coordinator

5. Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner

6. Jim Irsay, Colts owner

7. Tony Romo, Cowboys quarterback

8. Matt Leinart, Cardinals quarterback

9. Al Davis, Raiders owner

10. Tim Tebow, Broncos quarterback

How does Tom Brady not make the list?

Who else do you think deserved to be included?