Patriots, Jets have serious work to do

"NFL Live" host Trey Wingo asked analysts Darren Woodson and Antonio Pierce which contender from each conference has the most work to do?

Woodson and Pierce chose teams from the AFC East.

Woodson picked the New England Patriots:

"I'm curious to see how Wes Welker holds up through the regular season, and I'm also curious to see where Tom Brady's mindset is this year with the contract going on. I want to see how they go about their business."

Pierce picked the New York Jets:

"Mark Sanchez is the reason why this team is having one of the worst preseasons. He's been up and down throughout the preseason. ... They have not had a consistent drive where they've been able to punch it in. It's been up and down for him. I think Sanchez is going to go through that sophomore slump. He's going to have a rough time. If they're talking Super Bowl in New York and hoping Sanchez will help them get there? I don't see it happening."