Jim Kelly joins 'Free Sanchez' campaign

Earlier this week, Phil Simms advised the New York Jets to turn Mark Sanchez loose.


Kelly"The Jets just have to let him show his talents," Simms said while previewing the Jets' game against the New England Patriots on Sunday. "Let him move. Let him throw it. Whatever it takes."

Jim Kelly has seconded that notion.

Kelly expressed admiration for Sanchez in an interview with CBSSports.com columnist Mike Freeman. Kelly, one of the NFL's great gunslingers for the Buffalo Bills, declared the Jets should take off Sanchez's training wheels.

"I've watched him and I can say with certainty he has all the tools," Kelly told Freeman. "I think he's going to have a great career except hopefully when he plays the Bills. He's smart, good arm. There's a lot there.

"But you can see they're holding back with him. Unleash him. He has weapons. Use them."