What do we make of Miami's 2-0 start?

The Miami Dolphins are 2-0.

That, of course, is great news.

How much should Dolfans buy into their start?

With a Monday night game yet to be played, the Dolphins' defense ranks second in points allowed and sixth in yards allowed. They're 12th against the run and sixth against the pass.

But ...

The Dolphins have been disconcerting on offense, and their defense has faced two forgiving opponents. The Dolphins defeated the lowly Buffalo Bills 15-10 on opening day and devoured Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre in a 14-10 victory Sunday.

We might not know for a couple more weeks how much credit the Dolphins should get for Sunday's performance and how much blame Favre should receive. He committed four turnovers himself, three interceptions and a fumble the Dolphins recovered for a touchdown.

Favre does that sometimes. He has thrown at least three interceptions in a game 37 times, the most since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970.

Despite the defense's help and lousy play from opposing offenses, the Dolphins haven't been able to pull away in either of their first two games. The Dolphins dominated the Bills' offense, but they won by only five points, two of which were an intentional safety.

Miami's defensive touchdown off Favre and Buffalo's safety add up to nine points, Miami's combined margin of victory in their two games.

If Miami's defense is to be lauded for allowing only 20 points, then you must scrutinize Miami's offense because that's exactly how many it has scored.

The Dolphins' offense is tied for 21st in scoring and 27th in yards. They're seventh in rushing offense and 28th in pass offense.

It will be interesting to see how they perform against a New York Jets defense that has held a pair of supposed Super Bowl contenders to an average of 12 points a game. Without star cornerback Darrelle Revis, the Jets shut out the New England Patriots in the second half Sunday.

Miami's trade for receiver Brandon Marshall hasn't opened up the playbook yet. Offensive coordinator Dan Henning has been more conservative than the Hoover administration.

Chad Henne has thrown only 49 times. His five attempts in the first half Sunday were the fewest in franchise history.

Once the San Francisco 49ers pass five times and Drew Brees makes his 14th throw Monday night, the Dolphins will have the second-fewest attempts in the league.

Despite facing the hapless Trent Edwards and then Favre in meltdown mode, the Dolphins are only plus-two in the turnover battle. Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams each lost a fumble Sunday.

So let's not get carried away with the Dolphins' start yet. They still have too many unanswered questions.

But a 2-0 start gives them extra time to find some answers.