AFC East docket nearing two-month hiatus

I wanted to send out this reminder to AFC East fans: Soak in this weekend.

The schedule is about to be interrupted for the next two months by nothing but interconference and cross-divisional matchups.

That's right. After Sunday, there won't be another game between two AFC East clubs until Dec. 6, when the New York Jets visit the New England Patriots in Gillette Stadium on "Monday Night Football."

The Buffalo Bills won't see another divisional opponent until six days before Christmas, when they play the Miami Dolphins in Sun Life Stadium.

The schedule was front- and back-loaded with divisional games to help keep games relevant late in the season and prevent situations like we saw last year with the Jets. The Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals, with their division titles wrapped up, pulled their starters in Weeks 16 and 17, helping the Jets pick up a couple of easy victories and slip into the playoffs.

To get an idea of when you might see your favorite rivalries resume, here's the rundown of remaining AFC East games for each team:

Buffalo Bills

  • Week 15 at Miami Dolphins

  • Week 16 versus New England Patriots

  • Week 17 at New York Jets

Miami Dolphins

  • Week 14 at New York Jets

  • Week 15 versus Buffalo Bills

  • Week 17 at New England Patriots

New England Patriots

  • Week 13 versus New York Jets

  • Week 16 at Buffalo Bills

  • Week 17 versus Miami Dolphins

New York Jets

  • Week 13 at New England Patriots

  • Week 14 versus Miami Dolphins

  • Week 17 versus Buffalo Bills