Select your AFC East all-decade squad

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Every day this week at ESPN.com, we will be unveiling our all-decade selections.

NFC West blogger Mike Sando kicked off the series Monday morning with the all-decade defense.

My story on the team, coach and player of the 20-aughts is coming Thursday. I also managed the selections for quarterback and running back on the all-decade offense. That story, written by AFC West blogger Bill Williamson, will be posted Tuesday.

ESPN.com polled NFL general managers, coaches, scouts and players to determine who made the cut.

But I'm asking you to assemble the definitive AFC East all-decade squad right here.

We're going to run traditional systems. On offense, please include one fullback, one tight end and two receivers. We'll run a 4-3 defense. I realize three of the four teams run a 3-4 today, but the New York Jets used four linemen until 2007, and the Miami Dolphins officially switched last year.

Submit your ballots in the comments section below or in the AFC East mailbag. I'll compile your votes and announce the results on Friday.