Patriots better without Moss? I doubt it

Maybe it was because the New England Patriots were on a bye last week, but 10 days after the Randy Moss trade readers felt compelled to debate its merits in my latest AFC East chat, which you can review here.

Feedback wasn't nearly as strong in last week's AFC East chat for whatever reason. But as soon as I mentioned the Patriots offense not being as strong without Moss, the Patriots apologists came out of the woodwork to tell me I was crazy.

A common argument to justify the trade: The Patriots won three Super Bowls without Moss, and they won none with him. Therefore, they're better without him.

To which I reply, if you want to make to take that stance, then you're cut from the same cloth as the guy who harps on the Patriots being frauds because they haven't won a Super Bowl since Spygate.

I might understand why the Patriots felt the need to trade Moss, but that doesn't mean their offense is better.

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