Does Buffalo have shot to stop a stampede?

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Buffalo Bills coach Chan Gailey responded with an expression that said Yeah, no kiddin'! when I brought up the adversity his defensive line will face Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Buffalo still owns the NFL's worst run defense despite morphing its 3-4 scheme into more of a four-man front a few weeks ago. Kansas City ranks first in rushing yards per game.

The Chiefs have a pair of running backs who can sting a defense. Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones have combined for 950 yards and five touchdowns already. Charles is averaging 6 yards a carry with two touchdowns. Jones is averaging 4.7 yards a carry and has three touchdowns.

The Bills have been particularly vulnerable between the tackles, surrendering a league-high 476 yards on rushes up the middle, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

For Gailey, there's only one answer for his D-line.

"You've got to whip the blocker and get off the blocker and make the tackle," Gailey said. "You've got to do what you're responsible for in your gap. That's the one thing we've got to continue to get better at is getting on the block so that they can't knock you off the ball and then getting off the block and getting to the tackle.

"That's the No. 1 thing about playing defense: Can you get off the blocker and get to the ball without giving up your gap responsibility? That's it in a nutshell. It’s not that easy, but it's an easier explanation than it is to do."