Pennington out for season, perhaps career


We still don't know the extent of Chad Henne's left knee injury, but the Miami Dolphins will be down at least one quarterback for the rest of the season.

Chad Pennington definitely will miss the rest of the season because of another right shoulder injury, a source close to the two-time Comeback Player of the Year has informed me.

Now Pennington must deliberate on whether Sunday's game against the Tennessee Titans will be his last. Pennington is 34 years old and has undergone surgery on that shoulder three times already.

Pennington's inability to stay healthy leaves teammates and opponents shaking their heads alike. He's universally revered for his perseverance, leadership and community work. The fact he is the only multiple winner of the comeback award indicates how often he has been hurt -- and how he has rebounded.

Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano is scheduled to meet with reporters at 4:15 p.m. Monday. Sparano is expected to deliver updates on Pennington's shoulder and Chad Henne's left knee. Henne was hurt in the third quarter Sunday.

The Dolphins also must release an injury report Monday afternoon (as opposed to Wednesday) because they're playing the Chicago Bears on Thursday night.

In the Cleveland Browns Stadium visitors' locker room Sunday, I told former Miami Dolphins pass-rusher Jason Taylor about the injuries to Pennington and Henne.

"Two plays?" Taylor said incredulously, referring to the length of time Pennington stayed in the game.

"Real shame," I said. "He's such a great guy."

"Are you kidding?" Taylor replied. "He's the best."