Dilfer on why Patriots, Jets best in AFC

ESPN analyst and former champion quarterback Trent Dilfer examines the AFC to determine the best team is after 10 weeks.

Dilfer has only two candidates: the New York Jets and New England Patriots.

"The New York Jets can win with their C game," Dilfer said. "They go on the road, make mistakes, overcome them and still win. That's difficult to do in the National Football League. The Jets are showing that they can.

"The New England Patriots, you talk about growth. You look at a football team and you look at this is a marathon, not a sprint. Bill Belichick understands that. He identifies mistakes week in and week out. His team learns from them, and they come back out the next week with a better product.

"Sure there's holes in both these football teams. But the ability to change, evolve, grow as the season goes on and win ugly, to me, that's the sign of a great team."