Can the Bears disrupt Tom Brady?

The best way for the Chicago Bears to beat the New England Patriots is to knock molten quarterback Tom Brady off his game.

That will be a difficult task and doesn't seem likely based on the way Brady has been playing the past few weeks, but the Cleveland Browns managed to do it last month, and the Bears field a much more formidable defense than that.

AccuScore's 10,000 simulations returned a Patriots victory 61 percent of the time at Soldier Field by an average of four points.

In 25 percent of the mock-ups, Brady extended his streak of throwing at least two touchdown passes and zero interceptions. The Patriots won 80 percent of those simulations.

When the Bears sack Brady at least three times and force him to throw an interception (he has thrown 228 straight passes without one), they won 63 percent of the time.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler averaged 1.7 touchdown passes, but 1.4 interceptions. When Cutler threw no more than one interception and Matt Forte averaged 4 yards a carry, the Bears became 65 percent favorites.