Jets playoff hopes took big hit against Fins

How panicky should New York Jets fans be about their team's playoff chances?

About 25 percent worth.

Taking the remaining three weeks of the entire NFL schedule into account, AccuScore has computed the Jets still have a healthy 75.3 percent chance of reaching the playoffs. But the Jets were 91.5 percent postseason favorites before they lost at home to the Miami Dolphins.

AccuScore gives the Jets a 12 percent chance to drop all of their remaining games, which would mean their season concluded with five straight defeats.

The Dolphins' slim chances to make the tournament increased slightly with their victory. They went into the game with a 4.2 percent likelihood and now have a 9.2 percent chance, according to AccuScore's simulations.

The New England Patriots, meanwhile, are virtual locks to win the AFC East. They clinched a playoff berth last week and increased their chances of another division title from 59.5 percent two weeks ago to 98.7 percent entering Sunday's game against the Green Bay Packers.

The Jets; hopes to win the AFC East are down to 1.3 percent.