Tom Brady and Patriots look unstoppable

ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer continues to be dazzled by the New England Patriots' efficiency and discipline.

So much so that he doesn't see any opponent disrupting their path to the Super Bowl.

"I've searched long and hard to try to find the team that can derail the New England Patriots on their way to the Super Bowl, and I think I found them," Dilfer said. "The only team that can stop the Patriots is the New England Patriots.

"This is a team that's plus-27 all year long in the turnover margin. They've only given the ball away nine times. They don't make foolish penalties, and they don't let the opposing team's game-wreckers wreck their game. This is the perfect formula in the National Football League."

The Patriots haven't committed a turnover in seven straight games, an NFL record. Their plus-27 turnover ratio is almost double the closest opponents. The Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers are tied for second at plus-14.

The Patriots rank 26th in total penalties and 19th in penalty yardage.

"I don't see any team in the National Football League stopping the New England Patriots unless, of course, it's themselves and they start making uncharacteristic mistakes," Dilfer said.