Brady's injury makes season more amazing

Even after a bitter defeat that knocked the New England Patriots out of the playoffs, Tom Brady's MVP-caliber campaign became more impressive.

The news Brady played much of the season with a fractured right foot and will need to have surgery makes his numbers even more incredible. He led the NFL with a 111.0 passer rating. His 36 touchdowns also led the league, and his four interceptions were the fewest among qualifying passers.

Brady was first listed on the Patriots' injury list with a foot injury on Nov. 10. There were seven games left in the season, and they arguably were Brady's most incredible stretch, when he broke NFL records for consecutive passes without an interception and consecutive games with at least two touchdown passes and no interceptions.

ESPN analyst Dr. Michael Kaplan gave his take on Brady's injury in this video, which includes a cool graphic.

"It comes about with overuse, much like a paper clip that you continue to bend and then it fails and fatigues," Kaplan said. "They're hard to heal, and what they're going to do is a little operation where they put a pin or a screw across the break, sometimes put a little bone graft to augment the healing, and this'll be fine. But it'll take a full four or five months to fully heal."