Scouts Inc. looks at combine bench marks

Scouts Inc. analysts Todd McShay and Kevin Weidl have posted their observations from Friday's doings at the NFL scouting combine.

Quarterbacks, running backs and receivers checked in for measurements. Offensive linemen and tight ends started hitting the bench press.

McShay and Weidl noted Auburn quarterback Cam Newton looked sensational.

Newton's hand span was just a bit smaller than [Missouri quarterback Blaine] Gabbert's, but there's no question who wins the eyeball test at the quarterback position. At 6-5 and 248 pounds, Newton is absolutely ripped and appears to have somewhere in the range of 5 percent body fat.

Want to know how detailed NFL scouts are when quantifying human bodies? Hand size and wingspan are recorded. McShay and Weidl list some of the more interesting measurements.

They noted the running back class is unusually small, and liked what they saw out of Georgia receiver A.J. Green, who weighed in at 211 pounds and probably can afford to add another 20.

Colorado tackle Nate Solder wowed reporters when he showed up for his media obligation Thursday. He looked imposing, coming in at a little more than 6-foot-8 and 314 pounds. Then he executed only 21 bench reps, tied for fourth-fewest among all offensive linemen.