Mark Ingram to Dolphins in AFC East mock

With the 15th pick in the 2011 AFC East reader mock draft, the Miami Dolphins select ... Mark Ingram, running back, Alabama.

I fully expected an explosion of reader feedback with an AFC East team up in the order for the first time in more than two weeks, and you didn't disappoint. In addition to 11 different players being nominated for the Dolphins' first-round slot (the most by a mile in our mock so far), the dialogue was compelling.

Mrf042579 wrote: "I feel sorry for Tim ... he's got a lot of weeding out to do with the comments just to figure out who's voting for who and who's just talking smack, nonsense, etc."

The voting breakdown was interesting. Three different quarterbacks were mentioned, with Ryan Mallett of Arkansas finishing second to Ingram in the overall race. Florida center Mike Pouncey came in third. Wisconsin tackle Gabe Carimi was fourth.

I was surprised to see every unit nominated except inside linebacker, defensive back and receiver. The Dolphins could use help at those positions more than defensive line or offensive tackle.

There was a strong sentiment the Dolphins should trade back in the order to accumulate some extra draft picks because they don't own a second-rounder this year. They packaged it in the Brandon Marshall trade.

FinCanada opined: "no super studs on O beyond 5-7 but a ton of depth for later rounds... some neat projects at RB, TE and QB available in rd 3-5. As mentioned, we're reaching for a QB at 15 unless we plan to develop for the future (which is fine)... no QB in this draft seems capable of walking on the field in yr 1 and being better than Henne. No thanks for Ingram. Pouncey could be the pick, if he's there."

Added protectthishouse_54: "I'd be happy if the Dolfins traded down. Grab an interior lineman and a speedy RB in the second or third rounds. That's really the logical way to go. If they stay put, I think they either reach a little for Pouncey (which I don't really have a problem with) or draft a defensive stud who slid down the board (building on your strength). I just hope they don't take Ingram. I think he can be a fine RB in the NFL, but you can get better value with that pick and look to later rounds or FA for an effective back. But what do I know?"

Here's the AFC East reader mock rundown so far ...

  1. Carolina Panthers: Auburn quarterback Cam Newton

  2. Denver Broncos: Alabama defensive tackle Marcell Dareus

  3. Buffalo Bills: Texas A&M outside linebacker Von Miller

  4. Cincinnati Bengals: Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert

  5. Arizona Cardinals: Louisiana State cornerback Patrick Peterson

  6. Cleveland Browns: Georgia receiver A.J. Green

  7. San Francisco 49ers: Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara

  8. Tennessee Titans: Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley

  9. Dallas Cowboys: USC tackle Tyron Smith

  10. Washington Redskins: Alabama receiver Julio Jones

  11. Houston Texans: North Carolina defensive end Robert Quinn

  12. Minnesota Vikings: Clemson defensive end Da'Quan Bowers

  13. Detroit Lions: Boston College tackle Anthony Castonzo

  14. St. Louis Rams: Illinois defensive tackle Corey Liuget

  15. Miami Dolphins: Alabama running back Mark Ingram

The Jacksonville Jaguars are on the clock with the 16th pick. Please drop your vote in the comments section below this article or underneath the link on my Facebook page.

Feel free to review the Dolphins' pick while you're at it.